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it happened on lodestone way in the middle of the night while people were sleeping. the person who did it was trying to kill. it's a long way. he and his family brought very little. that little they had is gone. they didn't even have the -- they just had the clothing -- they didn't even have the clothes on their back. >> somebody gave clothes. somebody give. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> reporter: his family, along with folks from other apartments escaped with only their lives. several had to be taken to the hospital or treated at the scene. the fire started in the first flair living room. authorities they the exact location because that's where they found evidence that a fire bomb had been thrown through the
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window. >> anyone who would fire bomb a house where they reasonably believe the person is sleeping, they had an intent to kill. >> reporter: city police and city fire are teaming up to determine who did it. no one was gurred in the bowly lane fire. the city police said they're going to try to make their presence known this area. >> the district will be sending uniformed personnel into the apartment complex. they'll be working with residents and the neighborhood to drum up community intelligence. >> reporter: just last year someone threw fire bombs through windows of several homes. investigators say they have no evidence that there's any connection but everything they say right now is on the table. in the meantime there's a reward being offered. you can call city arson
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investigators at 610- 410 410-685-tips. a baltimore county man was given a three year federal sentence for tax charges. cole was eventually allowed to go home for treatment but went to court multiple times to go pack it prison. he died early this morning. harford county sheriff's deputies gathered for a funeral today laying to rest another of their own. jeff hager attended the funeral for sergeant ian lock ran. >> reporter: a week ago today it was sergeant lock ran who joined others at the funeral of corporal charles licato. in a strange twist of faith at
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that funeral lock ran started experiencing what they thought was acid reflux but it ended up being a heart which would claim his lie. they returned to the mountain christian church. >> all these guys are heroes. day by day they go through the stress of dealing with some really terrible situations that most of us don't even stop to think about and they give their lives to make other people's lives better and that makes them all heroes. >> following the funeral, the burial came if fallston. lock ran is survived by his mother, three siblings, his wife and a 2-year-old son. the sergeant was just 43 years old. jeff hager, abc2 news. a timonium medspa is forced
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to close down after three came down with infections and one of them died. monarch medspa was ordered to close. >> reporter: the state and baltimore county health department went into the spa and saw the spa was probably not doing all that it can to prevent infections. the visit to the timonium spa located on deerreco road came after the patients came down with invasive group a strept. they will be looking at the people who work there, the equipment and the policies to find the source. >> we don't know exactly where it comes from. that's why it's important to stop everything and figure out what's going on before someone else dies. >> reporter: monarch medspa sent
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a statement saying they are cooperating fully with the health department and the safety and well-being of their patients is a primary concern and that they evidence thousands of procedures without complications. and they said anyone showing symptoms should call the doctor and the health department. joce sterman, abc2 news investigators. >> let's take a look at weather last night. i know we don't want to do this again but the severe weather rolled through the area. look at all the rain. the storm brought heavy rain and wind and knocked out power to lots of us in the area. severe weather pounded d.c. last night. check out the video from arlington, virginia, right across the bridge. you can see it dumped heavy rains, leading to flooding concerns. here we are in beautiful
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chefferly. look at that. a whriend blinding -- blinding downpours caused crashes. keep the video rolling. that was a near collision, just crossing the street proved to be very challenging last night. it was wild, especially in that d.c. area. take a look at the numbers. low 70s. upper 60s in hagerstown. 72 in d.c. where they had the wild weather. it's a light steady northwesterly wind gusting at 10, over 15 miles per hour. where's the rain from yesterday? the whole boundary, the whole system all offshore. behind that high pressure, sunny skies and a bit of a chill north wind. we'll fall through the 60s and end up in the 40s by first thing
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tomorrow morning. dress warm for that morning commute or bus sto. much more straight ahead. >> 48, whoa. back to class in chicago. teachers anded their set of -- seven day strike. it left many parents scrambling to arrange child care but everybody is back today. today there is a battle over patterson park. the city is pushing for more parking space but people believe this park is worth fighting for. >> reporter: imagine being able to drive through patterson park into three parking lots that would akromm date up to 96 cars for the casino and the seniors. here's a map of what the
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proposed improvements would be. >> we don't necessarily have a problem with the seniors. we have a problem with putting more cars in the park and putting more paving in the park. >> reporter: we contacted the parks and recs and they said quote baltimore city recreation and parks remains committed to addressing the recreational needs of baltimore's residents. we understand the concerns expressed about the proposed improvements to patterson park and with take them very seriously. we are pleased to join the councilmen to seek community input on such an important shall you, end quote. patterson park is the only green space for thousands of residents used for walking their dogs, riding their bikes and having family fun. the group for patterson park want it to stay that way. >> we are against the loss of any green space in the park and
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car traffic in the park. we feel the park is an asset for all city residents, we hope there's a creative way we can meet the needs of seniors, have them ac set park as an asset but not lose green space. >> there's not a lot of green space as it is. it's a safe place i can take him run, sit on the ground and to add extra parking spaces would make it more dangerous to be running around and would take away from the only greenery we have in the area. >> reporter: in east baltimore, manny locke, abc2 news. >> council man craft wants to set up a meeting with the neighbors, parks and recs to discuss the proposal. there's also a social media effort. pat tar son parks help stop the paving of our beautiful park.
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they want to stop the proposal of paving 96 parking spots and additional roads. over the past couple of years the city has tried other yz ideas -- other ideas. remember the reverse angle parking? it created 40% to 0% more spots -- 50% more spots but researchers showed that it wasn't a complete street solution. so will you go. you know, you slept on the couch last night, dozing off, watching the birds bring home a victory. >> today you're wearing your orioles gear because you slept in it. you can't go anywhere without spotting some orange in the crowd and now we know why. according to espn only the yankees and the san francisco giants, which have the same colors, have sold more merchandise than the orioles this month. the team is thrilled to hear it
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and said there's room for everyone on the bandwagon. >> anyone who wants to support us, whether they've been here for the last 14 years, a fan since the 1953s or a new -- 1950s or a new fan, we welcome the support. >> all right. everyone is joining in on the gangnam style trend. >> a 15-year-old sneaks out of her house to meet a 20-year-old stranger. the quick action of a father that saved her from a dangerous situation. rice products are a staple am many of our diets. there's a chemical that's appearing in it at worrisome
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yogurt has been associated with healthy eating. it can help keep your blood pressure down. the study followed people over 15 years who didn't have it when the study began. those who ate it on a regular basis were 33% less likely to get it. the study was funded by the dan nine yogurt company. people who are emotionally neglected as children have a higher risk of streeks as adult. -- strokes as adults. doctors say to avoid putting your child at risk, don't be afraid to lean on others if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. >> making sure as a parent
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you're meeting your child's neats. there's resources available and don't be afraid to ask for help. >> researchers said it adds to linking traumatic experiences with conditions in adulthood. all right. beautiful blue sky. that has been the story all day. 69 at bwi as temperatures dropping out of the 70s on our way to a cool, cool night out there. 40s when you wake up first thing tomorrow morning, so a crisp, crisp outlook. sunset getting close to that 7:00 hour. really dread the daylight saving time where we'll lose another hour. sunny skies. that was the story. beautiful conditions, mean, that
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deep bright sapphire skies, our view from loch raven, actually late summer day, felt like an early fall day. technically that's not until saturday. temperatures to the west dropping off more sharply. 54 in oakland. 67 in hagerstown. these winds from the north and west will continue to pump in the cool air, under a crystal clear sky and dry air. it's a recipe for a chilly scenario. satellite radar view, a few clouds, but most of the state as it. the active weather from yesterday well offshore. there's not much new to come in. sunshine will be the story through the day on friday many more sunshine will be the story. the coolest part will come early
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tomorrow morning after the temperatures will moderate into the attar part of the week. look west and you see nothing, all sunshine across the midwest and deep south. that system that came through which is over the open atlantic waters, that is it for awhile except for that cool snap. you can see that flow. it's warm in the country's mid-section but a trough digging in, trough of cool air. over the tropics, not a well lot happening, got an interesting complex and what's left of nadine. overnight 48 degrees. that's it. realize if you have the windows all the way, it's going to be cold. tomorrow 77. that's your two-degree darn tee. mostly sunny. the humidity will come up a little bit. we'll and up in the 50s. all sunshine through friday
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bringing the chance for a late day shower saturday as we begin fall, saturday morning. as we look at the sunday scenario, i think we'll see breezy and cooler conditions and maybe some morning showers. we'll be dry by game time but it will be chilly. another night we're going into the 40s. back to you. >> in our consumer alert, here's a bowl of rice. you'll probably have that for dinner. why are we concerned about that? we have a new warning tonight. consumer reports said rice and rice products may contain worrisome levels of an to cause. we have the details you need to know to protect your family's health. >> reporter: it's either right there in our plates or in the stuff we eat every day from crackers to cereal to power bars to baby food. now a new study finds rice and
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rice products contain a troubling amount of arsenic, known to cause cancer. >> consumers should take steps to moderate consumption. >> reporter: 50 rice products had contained the levels. arsenic is linked to several types of cancer, including lung, skin and bladder cancer. nobody is saying zoo eat rice -- don't eat rice, at least not yet. >> these are low levels. >> reporter: but because children, especially babies are vulnerable, parents should cut their intake. >> we are saying for infant rice cereal that you shouldn't exceed more than one serving a day. >> reporter: when it comes to arsenic, the less healthy white rice is better than brown. that's because the outer layers are partially removed.
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arsenic occurs naturally in soil. because it's grown in standing water, it's easy to absorb. the fda is investigating whether the levels are dangerous but the report won't be done until the end of the year. consumer groups are demanding standards. experts said you can get rid of the arsenic by rinsing it until the water runs clear and use more water while cooking it. >> catchy songs and goofy moves, the latest dance trend to go viral. >> gangnam style. >> going after the lifeguards again. a group of lifeguards who went gangnam style got fired for it. >> and why -- the shuttle's last
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gangnam style. gangnam style. >> doing the gangnam style. let me tell you about this. everybody's getting in on this trend, but this group of lifeguards, again, not on the shuttle, got fired for it after posting their parody on u tube. they work atal monte california pool. and the online petition is pleading for their
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reinstatement. now astronauts are in gangnam style. endeavour took off for its final flight today. it traveled from the kennedy space center in florida to the edward base in california. it went on 25 missions covering nearly 123 million miles. endeavour will eventually be displayed at the california science center in l.a. >> a couple brought home the last of its babies. took a tomorrow of 35 doctors to leave the hospital. the last one was born with intestinal problems. they've already been through a few surgeries already, but mom and dad said they're so excited but nervous about having everyone home eye bet they are. seven kids. all right. coming up, it started out as an
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app called my yearbook. >> but one dad said it put his 15-year-old daughter in danger. how he saved her. hit the links, especially for a good cause. >> and we're about a month away from the 20th komen race for the cure. we'll show you where much of your money goes to help fight breast cancer. anncr: their dishonest ads are everywhere. a west virginia casino spending a fortune... to stop question seven. they don't want competition. the washington post wrote the casino behind the ads is... "most concerned with its own bottom line." and the baltimore sun says it "doesn't have maryland... taxpayers' interests at heart." so when you see these ads remember...
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they're about what's good for west virginia's casino... not maryland. vote for maryland jobs and schools. vote for question seven.
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thanks for joining us. seven people were hurt in an earl perm fire in an apartment building in northeast ball. city fire and police said someone threw a molotov cocktail through theuilding, trying to kill the people inside. a reward is being offered to find the arsonist. monarch medspa in timonium

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